Thanks to export, Tilde has become an European-level player

With its 30-years long activity in the market, Tilde has grown from a small enterprise into one of the leading language technology market players in Europe.  The company is developing machine translation systems, virtual assistants, mobile translation applications and spelling tools and providing translation and localisation services to adapt products to different markets. Tilde is operating in the Baltic, European and U.S. markets, and it has established branches in Lithuania and Estonia.

However, in the local market, Tilde is known best for the application it developed. These applications include also Tildes Jumis, which is an accounting and finance software created especially for Latvian companies, and studies have proven several times that it is the most popular software of such type, and its total number of clients measures in several thousands of users.

Telia cloud technology features allowed development of the modern corporate management and accounting record-keeping solution Tildes Jumis Pro in Latvia

“Four years ago, we introduced a completely new solution in the Latvian market – corporate management and accounting cloud service Tildes Jumis Pro. Now, I can ascertain that the cloud service Tildes Jumis Pro is a success story, because this solution currently has more than 3,000 corporate clients!” Corporate Management Solution Development Manager Viesturs Slaidiņš emphasizes.

“Development of this solution required secure, stable and trustworthy cloud computing provider. Having carefully assessed several local and international cloud computing providers, we chose the services of Telia,” Viesturs Slaidiņš says. “The advantages of Telia included very speedy network connection to clients located in Latvia. As the majority of our clients are in the territory of Latvia and the data exchange volume usually is large in this solution, cloud services offered by Telia ensured the highest performance for the cloud service Tildes Jumis Pro. Another pro was the high service level and quick response in complicated situations. When we need solving some complications or introduce changes in service configuration, we can always rely on Telia technical support telephone line available 24/7. The third factor was the competitive price, however, it was not the main aspect in choosing the service provider.”

Cloud services enables Tilde to ensure flexibility and increase the number of clients

“The number of clients keeps growing with each day for the cloud service Tildes Jumis Pro, and therefore the capacities of the cloud technologies ensured by Telia increase as well. According to our plans, this trend will continue to expand, as the majority of our new clients appreciate the advantages of cloud services. Tildes Jumis Pro is serving as a technological platform for elaboration and development of our next cloud services,” Viesturs Slaidiņš adds.

“In ensuring the cloud service Tildes Jumis Pro, we do not need large capital investments to purchase servers. Since we are paying only for the actual consumption, then, as the number of clients grows, we can always increase the technological capacity in dynamic manner,” Tilde concludes.