Mailigen, which started as a successful start-up company, has grown into a market leader in Latvia

Latvian IT company Mailigen offering leading email marketing solutions to enterprises and organisations of any size was created as a start-up enterprise 7 years ago. Presently Mailigen is the leader in email marketing industry in Latvia. It has branches in 3 foreign countries — in Russia, Iran and China, and employs around 40 people worldwide.

Mailigen has over 1500 customers in at least 120 countries, who send 3 billion emails annually. The company’s services are used by customers who look for a convenient and simple email marketing solution to help them communicate with their target audience and increase their profit. A considerable part of them are e-commerce enterprises, i.e. various online shops. There are also educational institutions and other organisations among them.

Mailigen system is available in English, Latvian, Russian, Chinese and Persian.

Recently Mailigen launched an important improvement to the system – email marketing automation.

Cooperation with Telia enabled Mailigen to expand its business

Mailigen representative Janis Rozenblats reveals, “A rapid increase of the number of customers means rapid growth of the database. The data centre used at the time and cloud solutions offered by them did not ensure service continuity, therefore we went looking for another solution. Upon considering several offers we chose Telia. The solution offered by Telia was more stable and advantageous from the financial point of view. Technical support offered by Telia, which compared to the global market is available in Latvian, turned out to be a decisive factor as well. Another criterion, which affected our choice, was the fact that the company is located in Latvia.”

“At the beginning of our cooperation with Telia we started to use 5 virtual servers, but presently this number has increased more than twice,” emphasizes Janis Rozenblats. Asked what advantages this technical capacity ensures in terms of Mailigen core business the company’s representative Janis Rozenblats accentuates, “Easy access to resources, which enables us to increase our own capacity at any time.”

Telia – a proactive and reliable partner

Janis Rozenblats indicates that Telia helped the cooperation along by moving Mailigen’s virtual servers’ infrastructure from another service provider to Telia’s cloud.

“Upon discovering problems in their own virtual networks Telia offered to repair ours as well by creating several new independent networks and separating data flows. Experts from Telia have visited our office on several occasions, when we had some problems, to consult us. A couple of years ago Mailigen experienced a sudden data loss and Telia helped to restore the missing data,” tells Janis Rozenblats.