We offer Internet connections that have no restrictions on the amount of information to be transmitted, as well as provide the same speed for Latvian and international data flow.



From simple small-capacity internet services to advanced high-speed solutions with routing protocols, Telia provides solution of internet services for every need.

Global uplinks to Telia Carrier, Rostelecom and MSK-IX nodes ensures highly available connectivity to international resources. Peering with biggest internet service providers in Latvia as well as membership in national exchange point (LIX) ensures best paths to any resource in region.

As a member of RIPE NCC , Telia can provide acquisition and maintenance of autonomous system. As a LIR, we can offer different sizes of both IPv4 and IPV6 address pools.


For IP transit services, organizations or internet service-providers are provided with exchange of BGP perfix list, depending on specific needs. Any combination of routing table, including international, latvian and default route can be formed. International uplinks with Telial Carrier, as well as peering with biggest internet service providers in Latvia and membership in national exchange point (LIX) ensures full visibility of regional and international network prefixes.


Telia Global Internet (GI) is a product which provides Internet access offerings for enterprise and wholesale customers.

GI is a mediator product allowing Telia to resell standard Internet-services produced by local Internet Service Providers to their customers in B2B and B2O – segments. Local ISP’s can be any – Intention is to be able to procure services from other Telia countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions and Brodynt is Telia Company partner which acts as an Internet broker, or reseller to secure coverage outside Telia footprints.

Global Internet provides a local/domestic connection to Internet, one or more public IP-addresses, a managed CPE or without it.


As Telia Latvia is RIPE NCC member and Local Internet Registry (LIR) in Latvia we provide various services in regards to RIPE Database. These include:

  • Requests to acquire IPv4, IPv6 and BGP ASN allocations on behalf on end customers.
  • Managing existing end customer resources by allowing Telia Latvia become “sponsoring-org” for these resources.
  • Buying and selling IP address resources on behalf of end customer.
  • Creation and maintenance of Reverse DNS objects for end customer IP address resources.
  • Creation and maintenance of ROUTE objects that will allow operators to configure their routers and perform network planning.
  • Certify address space with Resource Certification (RPKI) service that allows you to obtain a resource certificate listing the Internet number resources you hold.



    Guaranteed symmetrical speeds


    Telia is one of the 3 holders of an Latvian Internet exchange point


    Connections to major Internet exchanges in Europe and the world


    Telia is a member of RIPE NCC and LIR (Local Internet Registry)

    We are trusted by



    We offer Internet connections that have no restrictions on the amount of information to be transmitted, as well as provide...

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