Advanced Endpoint Protection | Traps

Cortex XDR brings powerful endpoint protection technology together with critical endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities in a single agent. Cortex XDR also includes the same features as antivirus


Endpoints such as smart phones, workstations are high-risk segment used by end-users daily. Network administrators take care of perimeter protection (firewall) and infrastructure protection (DDoS attacks), often neglecting the protection of endpoint devices, mistakenly believing that antivirus will provide full protection. End-user awareness of cyber threats is often not enough to assess risks and make the right decisions. Next generation endpoint agent Traps provides complete protection by analyzing the device processes and performing antivirus functionality as well. Installation of Traps in the server infrastructure is also recommended. 


  • Stops malware, exploits and ransomware before they can compromise endpoints. 
  • Provides protection while endpoints are online and offline, on network and off. 
  • Coordinates enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful attacks. 
  • Prevents the launching of malicious executable files, DLLs and Office files with multiple methods of prevention, reducing the attack surface and increasing the accuracy of malware prevention. 
  • Includes WildFire® malware prevention service to improve accuracy and coverage.  
  • Harnesses Cortex XDR™ detection and response to speed, alert triage and incident response by providing a complete picture of each threat and its root cause, automatically.  
  • Uses machine learning and AI to automatically detect and respond to sophisticated attacks.  



Centralized incident management.


Supports Windows, Linux, MAC and Android.


Minimal memory and CPU usage.


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