Object storage

Long-term storage of data of any type, quantity or size


Object Storage is a technology that enables its users to store any amount of digital information or objects in a special way. These objects can take many forms and types, ranging from photo and video information, archives and event log files to IT system backup copies. In most cases, this digital information will never be needed, but for various reasons it may not be deleted. All of this information is characterized by the need to store it for long time, as cheaply as possible, and to keep descriptive information alongside the object itself, so that these objects can be both easier to find and easy to integrate into planned scenarios.

Typically, an object in this repository consists of at least three parts:

  • The data file itself (video, photo, backup, etc.)
  • Descriptive part of the object – meta-information (e.g., keywords, content information, time-stamps, etc.)
  • Unique identifier


We offer an object storage service that is competitive in terms of capabilities and pricing with the services of the world’s leading cloud service providers. Our service is 100% compatible with the IT industry object storage de-facto standard AWS S3, which means extensive technology support, easy integration into customer information systems, well-known standards for software developers and extremely easy migration from global cloud providers.


  • Our fair-use clients pay only for the amount of used storage, and are not charged for either the number of read and write operations or the amount of data transfer (often the largest cost component of global service providers)
  • The data is physically located in Latvia at one of Telia Latvija data centers
  • Object storage has high data throughput capacity for fast uploads and downloads


  • Storage of IT system backups outside customer’s in-premises infrastructure, both in the long term and in the short term (to comply with the 3-2-1 must-have backup principle)
  • Video recordings of meetings and training sessions
  • Recordings from video surveillance systems
  • Film and music archives for media libraries
  • IT system event log archives


Fully compatible with
S3 APIs and applications

Replication to Amazon S3 Glacier
or Azure Blob for added security

Unlimited scalability,
more than 1PB

Low information storage costs and transparent “pay as you go” business model

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