Business Package

Business package completely substitutes the local office PBX by providing all of its functions without large initial investments.

Business package provides:

  • caller number identification,
  • restriction of user-defined outgoing calls,
  • call forwarding,
  • conference call,
  • simultaneous acceptance of two incoming calls,
  • short numbers in the internal network of the company,
  • call forwarding to other employees of the company without a need to recall,
  • 3-party conference call,
  • accepting incoming calls of a colleague on own telephone,
  • voice mailbox,
  • answering machine,
  • using the service from the computer by installing suitable software,
  • IVR functionality,
  • etc.
Service Fee, EUR
Installation fee* 54.00
Monthly fee 7.00

* if connecting together with the internet, the installation fee is 0.00 EUR.

Prices are specified without VAT (21%)

Linksys SPA 2102

2 port analog telephone adapter for connecting analogue telephones or a faxes

Purchase price: 48.00 EUR

Lease fee: 2.50 EUR per month



Cisco SPA 303

IP telephone with 3 lines and a 2-port Ethernet Switch.

Purchase price: 71.00 EUR

Lease fee: 3.50 EUR per month



Cisco SPA 502G

IP telephone with 1 line and a 2-port Ethernet Switch. Possible to additionally connect a 32-key console. PoE.

Purchase price: 105.00 EUR

Lease fee: 5.25 EUR per month


Other Cisco IP telephone models are available as well.

The costs are specified without VAT (21%)

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