DDoS protection


DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service access attack mitigation helps prevent and eliminate both volumetric, as well as slow and intelligent DDoS attacks on the network and protocols, interruptions created by anomalous flow, service hacking attacks on client information systems and resources.

The service is used by all leading financial institutions, e-commerce platforms, news portals and other online applications that find continuity of operation and data security important. The use of the service serves as an insurance policy – in most cases, after the use of it is initiated, the number of attacks decreases or they do not repeat at all, as they no longer achieve their purpose.

Telia Group is a leading provider of DDoS attack prevention services in the world, thanks to its global backbone optical network and the use of high-security technologies in several locations around the world, thus being able to defend attacks as close to their source as possible, without affecting the overall stability of the network.

Choose the most suitable ddos protection type for you

Telia Volumetric DDoS protection (TVDP) 

  • Ensure generic protection of customer infrastructure from DDoS attacks.
  • No specific configuration
  • Charging on hourly basis regardless of attack volume

Telia Inteligent DDoS protection (TIDP)  

  • Customer fulfils DDoS configuration form describing infrastructure and critical services
  • DDoS mitigation platform performs learning to understand customer specific pattern  
  • In case of attack platform ensure reachability of customer critical services and infrastructure  
  • Includes TVDP for all customer infrastructure
  • Charging on hourly basis regardless of attack volume
Availability Data Centers, servers & Internet connections continue to operate even when under attack
Threat Management Mitigate DDoS attack risks on operations, revenues and reputation
Compliance Compliance with business processes continuity planning
‘Anywhereization’ Distributed network centric service that is location independent
Scalability Protection in our IP Backbone where there is plenty of bandwidth to cope with the largest of attacks
Resiliency & Efficiency Route advertisements are propagated from multiple Mitigation devices in multiple regions
Distributed architecture means that attack traffic is mitigated close to point of entry into AS5518
Customer Control Manual service enablement  by 1st line Customer Care, only  when requested by a Customer
Auto-Mitigation for fast protection, particularly against short repeat attacks
Lower TCO Lower total cost of ownership compared to building an in-house capability
Effectiveness Network centric service is much more effective compared to an in-house solution at the edge
Flexibility Pricing models to fit individual Customer needs
Protection against Volumetric, TCP Resource Exhaustion & Reflection attacks
Manual & Auto-Mitigation enables customers to choose the best approach for their applications and services

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