Server Rack Rental

The server rack rental service is intended for placing the servers of the company in a closed, dedicated server rack in the data centre. The server rack is reserved for your needs only, and only persons authorised by your company have access to the equipment in the rack.

The service includes:

  • 36×2 C13 or 24×2 C19 power sockets or CEE 7/4 sockets,
  • rack dimensions: 42U x1200 x 800mm, maximum server depth 1000 mm,
  • reserved 100 Mbps internet connection (2×1 UTP or optical cable),
  • 4 public IP addresses.
Maximum power consumption EUR/month
4 kW 1310.00
5 kW 1445.00
6 kW 1575.00
8 kW 1830.00
10 kW 2080.00
12 kW 2330.00
15 kW 2690.00
18 kW 3030.00
20 kW 3250.00

Prices are specified without VAT (21%)

Service installation – free*

Upon your request Telia can provide transportation of your equipment to the data centre. Price for service as agreed depending on the complexity of the project.

* If the minimum agreement term is 24 months, otherwise – one monthly service fee. Installation materials will be invoiced according to actual costs.

Add to standard services:


Additional public IP address 3.00
Additional switch port, Gbit Ethernet


Remote IP KVM switch


Automatic power switch for connection to 2 power supply sources for equipment with one power pack


SMS warning for rack door opening events sent to customer’s mobile phone

50.00 (per one rack)

Prices are specified without VAT (21%)

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