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Data Centre Description

Telia data centre provides high uptime and secure environment for your servers. We guarantee reliable and secure access to information. Telia offers the rental of individual closed server racks or server collocation in shared racks.

  • One rack can host equipment with a total power of up to 20 kW.
  • Guaranteed 99.982% access.  
  • Continuous power supply:
    • two independent power inputs from different transformers, each having the power of 1 MW,
    • two independent, completely redundant UPSs
    • two independent power supply cables to each server rack with a reserved power of up to 20 kW,
    • diesel generator with a fuel reserve for at least 24 hours of continued operation.
  • Redundant cooling and climate control:
    • two independent, redundant liquid cooling systems provide temperatures between 18-25oC in server racks,
    • automatic ventilation system prevents dust getting into the server room;
    • 40-60% air humidity guaranteed.
  • Redundant and carrier neutral telecommunications.
  • Very convenient 800 mm wide server racks provide the placement of cables at the side of the rack without interfering the maintenance of equipment.
  • Compliance to security requirements.
  • 24/7 access guaranteed for customers.
  • Professionally managed technologies.

Requirements For Equipment Hosted In Data Centre

The device hosted in data centre rack should have:

  • rack mountable form factor and fit into standard 19” (482.6 mm) width racks according to IEC 60297 standard;
  • mounting rails compatible with the standard;
  • width of 482.6 mm, special mounting brackets have to be used for narrow devices;
  • the maximum depth of 1000 mm;
  • height being multiple of the standard rack unit (U) 44.45 mm (1.75”);
  • two Ethernet or fiber data communication interfaces and redundant connection has to be supported by device software or operational system according to data communication type chosen by Customer*;


  • at least two 230 V/16 A power supply units** with standard C13, C19 or CEE 7/4 (Schuko) plugs***;
  • cooling air flow inlets located on the front of the device but outlets on the rear or one of the sides;
  • acceptable range of inflow air temperatures in the range of 18 to 25oC and humidity from 40 to 60%.

Data centre is equipped with redundant and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units. It is forbidden for customer to install any UPS-es in the racks.

* In case the device has only one network connection availability decreases to 98.9%.
** In case the device has only one power supply unit service availability decreases to 98.9%.
*** Other connection types and power up to 32A are available for additional setup cost.

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