Web Performance and Advanced Hosting


Telia Web Performance is the service that significantly increases your website capacity, performance and makes it truly global. In addition, your website becomes much more secure and resistant to different attacks, e.g. DDoS.



  • e-commerce
  • public sector
  • media and entertainment


Speed & Performance

Security & Stability

Monitoring & control

Professional support


  • Grow your audience – increase the reach of your website globally
  • Increase conversion – improve customer experience with faster website
  • Reduce risk – prevent unexpected downtime of your website
  • Reduce cost – eliminate unnecessary hosting capacity

Your web server resources are limited, and you can handle certain number of visitors. This works well until your website gets much more visitors than initially planned. You have the option to increase the website resources by upgrading your server or renting extra cloud capacity but that turns out to be quite costly, especially when you experience traffic peaks only periodically. In such case most of the time your server is idle.

Instead of increasing your webserver capacity we even suggest decreasing it and allow our CDN to handle large part of needed capacity.

How this works

Web Performance utilizes Telia CDN global network of 150+ nodes containing many thousands of servers with more than 100 Tbps of global content delivery capacity and content cache storage.


CDN servers close to origin web server retrieve the content from that and distribute over the whole CDN network when request comes. When a website visitor requests a web page the browser connects to the nearest CDN edge server. If the requested content is in the local cache it is served immediately. Otherwise the content is requested from the origin web server. Same happens for dynamic web content which is always requested from the origin but CDN internal network works much faster than regular internet even across the globe and the content is delivered faster even in such case.

How to implement

In most cases the implementation is quite easy and quick. The following configuration steps are necessary and can be performed in a matter of hours:

  • Configure the CDN access to origin. Content can be retrieved over HTTP or HTTPS from any port.
  • Configure the CNAME of the website, e.g. domain.com, and attach the CDN origin to it.
  • Configure your DNS server to point to the website on the CDN.

In addition, we recommend moving your DNS server to the CDN infrastructure which hosts Anycast DNS service that is much more resistant against attacks. Also, it might be necessary to implement some caching and content management rules for complex websites.

Your team can configure these features via our self-service portal, or you can hand this over to us and our professional services team will assist you in the process.

Advanced hosting

As an option we can host your web server and manage it for optimal performance and stability. Our team has more than 5 years of experience maintaining web servers and other related infrastructure like database and processing servers hosted in our Telia Virtual Servers cloud infrastructure.


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