21 NOV, 2019

The development of Telia Monitoring solution was undertaken in view of the needs of the existing customers to ensure supervision of the availability and performance of components of the ICT infrastructure, data processing and visualization.

Monitors everything and anywhere

Telia Monitoring solution is built using technologies that ensure unlimited customization possibilities of the monitoring based on the needs of your enterprise. Telia offers 24/7 monitoring of any ICT (IT and telecommunications) equipment regardless of its physical location, the selected provider or the type of infrastructure.

From now on your company will be able to monitor servers, databases, application programs, network equipment, UPS and other equipment – anything, in fact, that can be accessed through the network. Telia Monitoring ensures full supervision of operation of the ICT infrastructure: you will be able to diagnose sources of potential problems, avoid downtimes and improve the quality of services you provide. Availability of data for analysis will help making the right decisions regarding optimisation of resources and growth planning.

Customized supervision of infrastructure

We will customize monitoring to create a tool ideal for the supervision of operation of your ICT infrastructure components – should our standard offer fail to satisfy all your needs, we will adjust it or create new monitoring templates.

ICT infrastructure supervision service

We offer our expertise and resources for the supervision of your infrastructure. Our Customer Support will receive and process events, we will inform your specialists about alarms depending upon the classification of the monitoring event.

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