24 APR, 2017

Since the beginning of this year, Telia is offering its clients in Latvia Office 365, the highly popular solution of Microsoft that combines the well-known and tested Office software with efficient shared tools for organisation of the corporate work and reinforcement of the corporate image.

The main advantage – ability to access software and tools that were previously available for the large corporate clients only

The main advantage of Office 365 is that it enables even a small enterprise access software and tools that were previously available for the large corporate clients only. In its essence, Office 365 is a subscription to software and services rather than a purchase of software. No need for the initial expenses of purchasing software, since the entire software in the particular Office 365 package may be used with additional services by using the monthly subscription fee. Telia is also allowing to subscribe for any Office 365 package without any term obligations, a week, a month, a half-year – your choice!

Intended for small enterprises, large companies with complex IT infrastructure and public institutions

Telia ensures the most extensive offer possible for Office 365 packages. This way, the best solution will be provided for both small enterprises which need the familiar Office software with access from any device at any time and specific cloud solutions for file exchange and sharing and large companies with complex IT infrastructure able to set up different Office 365 packages for own employees, and the help of Telia specialists will be ensured for Office 365 migration and integration into the existing infrastructure, as well as the technical assistance 24/7 in the Latvian language during the entire period of using Office 365.

Office 365 Benefits and Guarantees for All of Its Users

Irrespective of the selected Office 365 plan, the following will be ensured for all clients:

  1. all updates will take place automatically and by remote access. No additional charges, since they have been included in the subscription fee;
  2. convenient administration of users for you – easy adding and removing of users just in few minutes;
  3. all product services available. Ensured by Microsoft agreement, which guarantees 99.9 % access with financial liability;
  4. most current security standards with five protection and active supervision layers guarantee inviolability for your data;
  5. protection for your data and confidentiality, only you will be able to deal with them.

Additional Office 365 Advantages and Functions Ensured to Companies

Office 365 users may obtain:

  1. the well-known Office applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher;
  2. large and trusted Exchange mailboxes accessible from any place and device and using the same interface for mobile telephones, computers and Internet browsers;
  3. employee’s personal planner and resource organisation tool and the shared planner for corporate resources, e.g., for booking conference rooms or a corporate car;
  4. SharePoint for improving teamwork efficiency – for simultaneously edited documents and tables, organisation of team or project work, delegation of tasks for specific persons and tracking their implementation. Organisation of work of structural units or groups has never been this easy. For the additional cooperation option in projects, the application also facilitates circulation of documents – invoices, forms, applications for vacations;
  5. OneDrive for Business – storage of corporate documents in one place. Both OneDrive and SharePoint have redundant copies on Microsoft servers. Documents can be accessed at any time and place, and synchronisation with your devices will make updates for your files even when working offline. Option to restore accidentally deleted data or the previous version of unsuccessfully edited document. Control over persons authorised to access corporate data. Share them, if necessary;
  6. Skype for Business is not only a mean of communication, combined with e-mail it creates the internal culture of company’s communication and the external corporate image, it also allows organising conferences and meetings and sharing own computer desktop with colleagues. Skype for Business can be connected also to company’s VoIP devices;
  7. control of your intellectual property. Your e-mail will never contain spam. No worries about computer errors and damage, since the data will be stored securely. The solution ensures copying of data and recovery of deleted files and notifications. It also allows installing two-factor authentication (Multi-Factor Authentication). The service has been granted with the Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2005 to confirm compliance with international provisions concerning information security standards;
  8. the aggregate of all the aforementioned enables using the individual domain of the company (e.g., with a unified format of e-mail addresses and Skype contacts;
  9. The company will be able to separate the private tools of employees from tools necessary for the work of the company. The employee may concurrently use both private Skype and Skype for Business as well as the private OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in his or her computer;
  10. the company can use exactly what it needs at the right time. For example, when employing employees for a definite period, any necessary Office 365 service can be connected exactly for this specific time. Services may be combined, modified, added and removed without limitations. Pay for what you actually use;
  11. if this is still not enough, Office 365 may be supplemented with other powerful Microsoft tools, such as PowerBI, Dynamic Sales CRM, Azure Authenticator, etc.
    Ask Telia customer service specialists about all these functionalities and in what plans they have been included.

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