25 MAY, 2020

In connection with the rapid development of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the subject of distance learning has now become more relevant than ever – how do you ensure access to student learning and curriculum content? There are technological solutions – Riga 1st Distance Education High School has been creating curriculum content according to national education programmes and providing remote access to their students for 6 years already, using the solutions of Telia Solutions for Media. By using such distance learning model, more than 1350 students have already successfully graduated, many of whom are continuing their studies at universities.

Telia Video Cloud (online video platform) and Telia CDN (content delivery network) are cloud services used to provide the accessibility of the educational content

Most of the curriculum content of Riga 1st Distance Education High School is in the form of video lectures, during which the teacher presents the subject’s theory, and illustrates examples or shows presentations to students while commenting on them. Therefore, the biggest challenge was to ensure that the curriculum was made constantly available to all students anywhere, at any time. It is made available to as many simultaneous viewers as possible, because, without the appropriate technological solution, the large number of requests would potentially jeopardise the accessibility of the curriculum and the e-school platform as a whole.

Telia Video Cloud, a cloud-based solution, allows Riga 1st Distance Education High School to upload video content quickly and easily, anywhere and at any time, and to store an unlimited amount and number of educational videos. This allows one to create a video library for each curriculum on the e-school platform and to stream content to students at the time and place most convenient to them. In order to deliver video streaming regardless of the number of the simultaneous viewers, the technology of Telia CDN is used, which provides fast, secure, uninterrupted playback of the video content to a large numbers of viewers.

“Telia has proven itself as a reliable, innovative and knowledgeable technology partner in distance education for over 6 years and we highly value the support of the competent Telia Solutions for Media specialists in implementing, deploying and operating the solution. Our experience shows that our teachers and their curriculum, combined with Telia Solutions for Media, create successful preconditions for the effective learning of the curriculum content. Of course, self-directed learning and motivation of the students to obtain the curriculum content are also required. In the future, we plan to develop our distance learning process by integrating various interactive features into the learning platform, thus making the content itself more innovative and of higher quality. And with the help of the solutions of Telia Solutions for Media, we plan to  make the curriculum content increasingly more accessible, by providing free access to materials for students of other schools as well,” says Ivo Čapiņš, Deputy IT Director at Riga 1st Distance Education High School, when describing the cooperation with Telia.

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