19 Sep 2018

Telia Company listen to children through the Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP), in collaboration with child rights organizations and schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The findings have been made public as a contribution to society’s understanding of children as online citizens. The initiative has also delivered material to be used for educational purposes.

The basic principle of the 2018 project is children’s advice for a healthy approach to online life

Continuing the successful initiative, this year, in 2018, we want to summarise the children’s recommendations for a healthy approach to online life. We invite 6th graders (children at age 12) to participate in creative workshops on this topic. We plan to involve at least 700 children in seven countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia).

To ensure a professional approach to the perspective of children, the main project partner is the children’s rights organisation the World Childhood Foundation. The research company Ipsos manages the research, analyses the material and prepares a research report.

The method – creative workshop

The schools selected to participate in the initiative organise a 90-minute workshop for one or more 6th grade classes. The workshops will be moderated and coordinated by Telia Company and Telia Latvija volunteers from the Centre “MARTA” who received training from the World Childhood Foundation and Ipsos.

The children will first respond to a fully anonymous survey regarding attitudes about risks and benefits of life online. After that, the workshop facilitator will introduce a few themes related to a healthy approach to online life. The children will then, in teams of four, create their own advice on one of the themes. The advice will be created as a short animated film by using Plotagon Education. The films will be created on surf tablets provided by Telia Company for this specific purpose. The aim of the workshop, apart from collecting general insights, is to increase the children’s awareness around a healthy approach to online life, through creativity and participation. We hope that the school will offset some time a few weeks after the workshop to discuss the outcome, by watching the films and let the children present and discuss them.

Results and impact

The analysis of the survey and the short animated films will result in some clear “advice from children to children”, that Telia and its partners in this project will make public as a support to parents and families. We also plan to publish a report with some general insights from this project that we hope will contribute to society’s understanding of children’s lives online. The findings may also be used for product development by any of the parties involved. The plan is to make the results public before the end of 2018.


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