16 Sep 2019

The world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology exhibition IBC 2019 takes place from 13 to 17 September in Amsterdam. Each year, nearly 2000 of the leading technology developers and service providers in the TV and entertainment field take part, and it is attended by nearly 60 000 professionals working in this field. For several years already, Latvia is represented by 4 internationally recognised companies – VESET, Stream Labs, SAF Tehnika and Telia Latvija.

Within the exhibition a conference also takes place, bringing together broadcasters, cable operators and producers of multimedia content to outline the future of the industry. The topical subjects today cover a wide range of issues, such as how should national broadcasters change to work successfully in the future, what challenges and opportunities arise along with the availability of the 5G network, what opportunities do the streaming platforms and cloud services bring to the content consumers, and how likely is it that the producers of TVs will very soon become cable operators themselves and outrival the current broadcasters?

Mārtiņš Paurs, SIA “Telia Latvija” Commercial Director expresses his opinion about participation in the exhibition: “For three consecutive years, with the video platform Telia Media Services developed by Telia Latvia, we are announcing ourselves beyond the borders of Latvia and the Scandinavian region. Since most of our clients come from Western Europe, it is an opportunity to meet them all in one place, to make new contacts, to share our achievements, to build strong relationships with other technology developers or the so called ecosystem, making the industry stronger as a whole. The winner is the end user –the consumer of TV and entertainment content.

In the near future, the tendencies in consuming content will be changed by artificial intelligence, helping us, for example, to watch a 90-minute movie in 30 minutes without losing any of the storyline and dynamics. And when we can’t decide what to watch ourselves, the right content will be selected for us, depending on the mood, the weather, our plans for tomorrow. Video content now already forms 80% of the total global internet consumption. The creation, processing and storage of it requires significantly greater capacity in computing and data storage than most other ICT areas. This is why I believe that this area is one of the most dynamic and resource-intensive ICT segments, in which companies can seek opportunities for faster growth.

8 years ago, Telia Latvija started work on developing a cloud based video platform. And already now we can be proud of our world-renowned TV channels and content producers, streaming services, IP TV service providers, to whom we provide video signal transmission and distribution, preparing of live TV channels, video content storage and processing, media library management tools and security solutions. Our competitive advantage is the provision of these services on a “pay-as-you-go” principle, the ability to integrate network and cloud technologies and the scalability of the overall solution.”

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