11 Jan 2019

Mārtiņš Paurs, SIA “Telia Latvija” Commercial Director

“In the field of telecommunications, 2019 will mark a turning point, which will mainly be subject to the development of 5G network technologies, shifting from plans to works and the first practical applications in 2019,” says Mārtiņš Paurs, Commercial Director of Telia Latvija, when commenting on the projected development of this year in the ICT field.

“But the main players in this field are the actual operators of mobile communications. In the field of telecommunications there is a worldwide slogan Future is mobile, meaning that the future belongs to mobile communications. It means that the growth of the operators of fixed lines, despite the fact that the demand for them will remain stable for a long time, will only be possible if they look more actively at the opportunity to work with various value added services in such areas that are part of the ecosystem of telecommunications, but are only indirectly linked to a self controlled network at a specific geographic location.

Telia Latvija continues to be a strong player in the corporate ICT market, providing solutions for fixed telecommunications, data centres, cloud services and security, including protection from DDoS attacks. However, at the same time, while developing new business directions, Telia Latvija has been actively operating in the market of media services for some years already, or in particular – in the field of video content processing and distribution services.

There are several reasons for this. Currently the major part of the total internet capacity consumed worldwide is already used by video content, and this proportion will increase to over 80% in the next few years. Telia Latvija is part of Telia Company Group, which includes the world’s leading internet transit company Telia Carrier, which means being in close contact with the major online video content distributors, knowing their challenges and problems, as well as being able to offer them solutions. This segment has already now become the largest in the portfolio of Telia Latvija services, having the fastest growth potential. Some facts – the content prepared and distributed with the help of Telia Latvija is used worldwide – in Europe, the USA, China, India, and even in the Philippines. Already now, Telia Latvija is streaming its content in a volume which exceeds the capacity of the Latvian market by several tens of times. Telia Latvija is directly or indirectly involved in preparing almost 50 different TV channels around the world.

Future growth depends on the ability to further develop and market interesting services and innovations for the owners of video content. And it also depends on the activities of the competitors, because we of course are not alone in this market. At the same time it also depends on the changes in consumer habits – whether it happens fast, as projected by market analysts (giving up linear cable television in favour of the online consumption of good video content).

The plans of Telia in Latvia in 2019 include the launching of its cloud computing point in Copenhagen, at one of Europe’s best connected cities, with the goal of being able to offer fully reserved solutions to highly demanding customers for the provision of high damage tolerance.”

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