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Cookie Information

Telia Latvia cares about the protection of personal data of its website visitors by complying with  the relevant Latvian laws and regulations in force. Understanding that your information is valuable, Telia Latvia undertakes to make all reasonable steps to protect your information while it is at our disposal, but at the same time, we cannot undertake similar responsibility for other websites to which we have published links on our site. Our intention is to collect and process the information gathered from the website visitors only in accordance with the purposes of its collection so that  we are able to offer information and / or services relevant to your interests.

What are cookies?

When visiting our homepage, cookies may be stored on your computer or on the device connected to Internet. In this way, the site remembers your computer or device thus serving to several purposes, but in general with the intent to provide a more personalized user experience when visiting the website. Cookies are small text files that are placed by the websites you visit on your computer’s hard disk to make more efficient performance and to provide some information to the owners of the site. Today, the use of cookies is an ordinary practice in most websites. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, however you can manage and control them by changing Internet browser settings. You may delete cookies from your device at any time. More information about managing cookies is available at

What types of cookies do we use?

Telia Latvia website uses four types of cookies: necessary, functional, analytical and marketing cookies.

Necessary Cookies

We use to provide proper functioning of the website and to store the cookie settings made by the visitor.

Functional Cookies

We use it to ensure that the settings of the language chosen by the website visitor are saved.

Analytical Cookies

We use some analytic tools that collect information about how visitors use our website. It helps us not only to improve the quality and content of the site, but also to provide the visitor with a customized offer. However, analytical cookies identify only the equipment used, without disclosing the identity of the site visitor. Some analytical cookies are managed by Google AdWords in accordance with our strong guidelines of purposes of data usage.

Marketing Cookies

We use this type of cookies in order to offer the most relevant services or offers to our site’s visitors. We also use them to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. Target cookies are set by third parties such as Google AdWords in accordance with our strict guidelines of data usage purposes; and they are kept in the users’ devices permanently.

You can get acquainted with the cookies used on our website here: Cookies used

When you visit our website, we will store on your device the cookies we require to operate the website (the necessary cookies). Other, optional cookies (function, analytical and marketing cookies) are stored on your device only after we have obtained your consent.

Third party cookies

Our website uses cookies that are managed by third parties, such as “Google Analytics” service cookies by Google Inc. We use these cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. Nevertheless, these third parties may use the data they obtain from these cookies for their own specific purposes, which we cannot control. By consenting to the use of third-party cookies, you also agree to the data processing activities carried out by these third parties.

We use Google Analytics cookies for analytics and marketing purposes on our website. Learn more about Google Inc. privacy practices available at:

Cookie Management

By accepting the pop-up announcement about the use of cookies on the Telia Latvia website, you also confirm that you are familiar with the purposes of using them in this site. Visitors of our site can manage or delete cookies at their own discretion. You can either delete all the cookies stored on your computer, or set the browser in such a mode that cookies are not stored on your device. However, in this case, it must be taken into account that the functionality of the site in your device may be decreased. More information about managing cookies is available at

You can change the previously selected cookie settings at the bottom of the website by clicking on “Cookie Settings”.


We reserve the right to change this cookie information at any time.

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